Should you Embrace the new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C technology?

Are you a lady who enjoys going out and getting all the latest gadgets or gizmos? Or do you like to hang back and let other people spend the high prices while you just watch and see what happens? Personally, I am the ladder, and I am not quick to embrace any kind of new technology, much less heating, ventilation, and A/C technology. That being said, I have more than one sibling who are both into gadgetry and modern technology. They both have all kinds of heating, ventilation, and A/C technology that I do not have. Both of them have what is called heating, ventilation, and A/C with zone control. Heating, ventilation, and A/C with zone control means that you set your air conditioning plan up so that your beach house is split into odd areas, called zones, and each one of those zones can be controlled separately from the others. In other words, you can use less air conditioning in a room that does not have people in it, for example. To illustrate, both of my siblings have more than one story houses. Both have giant houses! Yet one sibling lives with only her spouse, and the other sibling lives with only himself. Therefore, it makes great sense to turn the air conditioning off on whatever floor you are not using. At least, you can turn the temperature control setting up a few degrees on whichever floor does not get the most use. That will normally be the ground floor, of course. However, when I go to visit my sibling, I normally stay in an upstairs living room, which means she has to control the temperature on the top floor. Even within the zone of the top floor, she can make the A/C temperature lower in just my living room than it is in the other living rooms. It’s absolutely amazing.