The heating and cooling company is hiring right now

Have you noticed signs all over your hometowns saying Help Wanted or now hiring? If not, I believe your town is in the minority.

  • One place I have learned is desperate for skilled labor are the heating and cooling companies in my city.

We use the air conditioning nearly all year, or at least for the vast majority of the year, because we live in the Southeastern portion of the country where it is hot and humid most of the time. That means, I’m sure, the air conditioning companies stay rather busy. Not only that, they also need to employ people who really know what they are doing. If you are the AC guy who comes out to somebody’s house, if it takes you forever to fix the problem, you are going to have lost prophets because a better air conditioning technician could have done two jobs in the time it took him to do one. It’s not just the HVAC companies that need skilled labor, either. Just about any company that needs a tradesperson or a person who can go beyond just ordinary High School skills is now looking for qualified help. Not only that, just about everywhere is hiring around here. Everything from Sandwich artists at the local sub shops 2 executive directors of associations all need help. If I knew how to install or repair air conditioning, I would definitely want to go to work for a heating and cooling company in my area. I am sure that the HVAC technicians get treated well and fairly around here, but of course they do have to work hard.I often wish that I would have learned a skill like HVAC when I was younger instead of getting an English degree, which is essentially useless.

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