The Most Blessed Young Couple I Know

My friend’s kid and son-in-law are the most blessed young couple I know.

She is a cosmetologist, and he runs a heating and cooling business.

She went to beauty college after high college and she took all her classes and got her certificate in under two years. He went to the heating and A/C program at the local trade college and quickly learned how to install and service gas furnaces plus A/C units. And he completed his program in 18 months. In addition to the heating and A/C skills, he also acquired some refrigeration skills. This put him in high demand with heating and A/C companies because they all want to be able to service plus install the refrigeration units in stores; those cases at the grocery store and convenience store that hold all the refrigerated items. Anyway, this couple is the most blessed couple because both of them have decided to quit their jobs plus start their own businesses. He built a room on the back of their house for her to use as her salon. Now she sees her own clients in her own shop in her own house. And he also decided to start his own heating and A/C business. He is saving tons of currency by not having to commute to the heating and cooling business. And he does not have to take a heating and A/C job that he does not want to do, plus he has much more flexibility in his schedule. Because he is his own boss at the heating and cooling business, and she is her own boss in the beauty salon, they have now decided to start growing their little family. Their children will be legitimately blessed because they will be able to spend more time with their parents plus less time in daycare. When I call for A/C service or maybe even A/C consulting in my house, I am for sure going to call my friend’s son-in-law to get the best heating and A/C service price I can, and to support the young and smart entrepreneurs.


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