Tradespeople Love Plumbers and Air Conditioning People Do Well

If you have a child who is at the age where they are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, you might consider talking to them about going to a technical or trade school.

Tradespeople love plumbers, and heating and A/C professionals entirely do make a good living these days.

In addition, there are a lot of advantages to working in the heating plus cooling industry. For example, you can take a very short course at a tech school in a year or less and go out and get a job easily. It would be an entry-level task at an A/C company most likely, but you could also continue your education and get more heating and A/C certifications. After doing that, you could climb slowly up the ladder, so to speak. In other words, you could work as a heating and A/C professional and go to school at the same time to be a heating and A/C professional with higher credentials. In fact, you may even discover that your supervisor pays for you to take those Advanced Heating and Cooling courses. Some heating and A/C companies also love to work with grocery stores plus other commercial properties and so they love to have someone who also knows refrigeration. It’s crucial that every one of us have skilled trades people who can repair the heating, A/C, and the refrigeration at grocery stores and things such as that. In addition to that, they are not stuck behind a desk all afternoon. Their task involves moving plus stretching, and generally being healthier than people who plop down in a desk chair and never get up until 5pm. I have a desk job myself, although I wish I would have also learned a skill like heating and A/C, or even barbering.


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