Various types of air conditioning filters

If you have always gone to the Home Improvement store and bought those cheap blue air conditioning filters thinking that all AC filters are the same, you need to learn about the various types of air conditioning filters on the market.

Those blue ones are called fiberglass AC filters, and they are just about the worst air conditioning filters you can buy. They are only slightly better than using nothing. In fact, it might be better to use my pantyhose as an AC filter instead of one of those blue air conditioning filters. So, if you have always bought those kinds of filters, it’s okay. Just take this learning experience and make better choices for your HVAC system in the future. The next kind of air conditioning filter is normally called a pleated AC filter. They are usually made of Cotton or some other fabric, and they are slightly better than the fiberglass option. The third option I want to mention is the HEPA air conditioning filter. In my house, we use HEPA filters. I want to protect my HVAC system as much as possible, plus I want to keep detritus out of the air, so I have good indoor air quality. At the same time, though, I have no interest in spending lots of money every month on more expensive HVAC filters. Another Kind of air conditioning filter is the UV AC filter. UV filters are good at killing off viruses and bacteria, but they are not as efficient as HEPA filters when it comes to filtering out dust and debris from the air. That’s why HEPA filters are my go to AC air filters.
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