Ways to Save Energy Including Air Conditioner Tips

Whether you are looking to save currency or are interested in helping to preserve the planet and having a smaller carbon footprint, it makes great sense to look for ways to save energy, including tips about saving on your air conditioner bill.

What are some of the things you can do to lower your cooling or heating bill? If it is an air conditioner, one thing you can do is to begin outside.

That is, plant some trees or bushes that will supply shade as having shade keeps your AC from having to begin with a control unit that is way too high. Another thing to do is to have curtains or blinds in your windows, and personally I love to use insulated curtains, otherwise known as blackout drapes. They absolutely do keep out the sunlight and the light, and I suppose for sure that my AC does not have to work so much when I have the blackout curtains closed. Another thing to do is to make sure that you change the AC air filter on a normal and regular basis. I have a cat and I prefer to change my AC filters every month. Other people do not find that their AC filter is at all dirty after a month and if that is the case for you, you can possibly stretch it to numerous months. However even if your AC filter does not look dirty after numerous months, you should still change it. Another thing to do to save on your air conditioner and have your house be more efficient is to use ceiling fans to your advantage. I have never had a condo without ceiling fans down here in the southeast and I never will. Sitting under a ceiling fan makes you assume it is cooler even though the temperature is not any lower than it is without the fan. This means you can have your control unit set a few degrees higher and you’ll still be just as comfortable.


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