Portable shower construction for the men

My spouse has a undoubtedly handy family, and frequently when projects arise at our apartment his family steps in to help, then they stay with us for a few days plus do a ton of work, then i pay them back by providing them a free space to stay plus endless meals.

It is genuinely wonderful to get all this free labor, my spouse plus I recently needed a modern roof put on our house.

This required numerous boys in his family pitching in, then getting everyone a bed wasn’t a hard thing. I started worrying about the shower though. That numerous boys showering would be hard on the plumbing; Also, that is a lot of lavatory needs in a moderate sized house. I distraught I would never be allowed to shower plus pee again with all the boys in there. I did some googling since there are portable restroom facilities, but you can get a mobile toilet quite easily, what about a mobile shower? I found that portable shower construction is a real thing. You can get a mobile shower set up right on your property. I contacted a shipping container supplier plus designed the space. I got more than one shower heads, more than one toilets plus more than one sinks with hand dryers. It is all housed in a giant, gray box. The boys care about having an outdoor shower set up. They can shower, pee plus clean their hands anytime they want to. The space is so gross too. I am genuinely blissful I have kept them all washing themselves outside. It would have been horrible having that in our house.



Mobile Shower Solutions