A Tree Branch Was Creating Issues With the Sewer Pipes

My lover and I had some pretty terrible complications with drainage in the master bathroom, however I thought it was due to a restrained pipe in the shower because occasionally hair can get into the drain line and cause major plumbing clogs.

I used a cheap plumbing snake to detach any hair or build up inside of the drain, and there certainly wasn’t a lot of stuff that came out of the drain. There was a little bit of hair, dirt, and pieces of soap, but that was about it. It didn’t seem like enough stuff to cause a major drainage problem. After a few days, both of us had drainage complications in other sites in the house. I noticed when the dishwasher backed up into the sink and it took a long time for the washing equipment to drain too. I decided it was a superb idea to contact a plumbing company that specializes in drainage complications. I contacted the plumbing company and offered them some information about the complications both of us were having. The lady on the cellphone said it sounded like tree branches might be causing complications in the drain line. And when the plumbing company came out to check our home, the first thing they did was use a camera to check on the numerous parts of the plumbing located under our little old house. The camera was a fantastic way to find the problem separate from digging up our entire yard. The camera showed a blockage about 17 feet from our front door. The licensed plumbing supplier thought it was tree roots, however she dug up the section of the yard where the problem was supposed to be. It turned out to be a pressing root from the oak tree in the front yard that was causing all of our problems. Now it’s all better again.

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