The plumbing contractor was super helpful and informative

My wife and I did not know the first thing about home ownership when we signed the papers on our first house. We were so excited to qualify for a home and we found the perfect place for the two of us to start a family. After a few years, we started to have some problems around the house that we could not fix on our own. One major problem was with the plumbing. Both of the showers drained very slowly. Even though the drains appeared to be clean as a whistle, the drains were still moving slowly. The toilet wasn’t flushing very well in the master bathroom either. I found a plumbing company locally that services emergency residential and Commercial repairs. I made an appointment with the plumbing contractor. The plumbing contractor was a young guy that was very helpful and informative. He explained every step of the process and let my wife and I watch as he worked. There was an issue in the green line. There were some legos, Army men, and paper towels that were blocking the drain line. Clearly those items didn’t come from my wife and I, so the clog must have been there for a long time. The plumber cleared everything and gave us a 90-day warranty. He also gave us his card so we could call him in the future if we had any other plumbing contractor needs. We still keep that card handy, just in case we have issues. I was going to call last week, but I figured out how to install the garbage disposal on my own.



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