We followed the electrician from the interstate to the neighborhood

My brother and I went out to grab a bite to eat and we ended up on the west side of town.

  • I wasn’t very happy about our predicament, because we ended up in the worst part of traffic at the worst time of the day.

We ended up in front of an electrician that was driving exactly the speed limit. The guy was on the interstate and got off on the highway at the same place as my brother and I. I tried to pass the guy on the two lane road, but it was busy and there were cars everywhere. We followed the electrician from the interstate down to the south side of town and then all the way into the same neighborhood where I lived. For a moment, I worried that my wife was at home waiting for this guy to come and fix a problem. My phone had easily been off for an hour because I didn’t expect to be gone all day and the battery went dead. The electrician kept going in the neighborhood when we got to my house. Driving next to the electrician was a reminder that I need to get someone down to the house to give me an estimate on a generator. I’d really like to get a generator for the house but I have no idea how much money it’s going to cost. I thought about walking down to the area where the licensed electrical contractor was working, but I didn’t want to bother the guy when he was working with another person. I thought it was best to call the company and have them send someone during the day to give me an official estimate.

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