We needed an emergency plumber fast

My coworkers and I were sitting in the office on Tuesday when the sprinkler system suddenly started running.

There was no alarm for a fire.

Usually the alarm rings and it has to go off for several minutes before the water sprinkler system comes on. The boss came out of his office. He was wet as well. The sprinklers were spraying water everywhere. It was getting on all of the electronics and all of our personal items. The boss asked us to use anything we had available to cover our office equipment. I put my monitor and keyboard underneath the computer desk. I didn’t think we would have a flood, so I figured that stuff was safe under the desk instead of on top of it. We needed to contact an emergency commercial plumbing service fast. The office manager came out of her office and she told all of us to go home early for the day. The office manager contacted an emergency plumbing service, but they weren’t going to be able to shut off the sprinklers until the fire marshal arrived. The next morning, everyone came back to the office and things seemed to be normal. Other than some damp and wet papers and files, the office looked exactly like it did the previous day. The sprinklers must not have been running for much longer after we left, because the carpet wasn’t saturated either. The emergency plumbing service must have worked very fast and diligently to fix the sprinkler problem before everything in the office was a wet mess.

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