Seems that everybody will close for the holiday

It seems like every month there is a holiday in this neighborhood I swear! Tomorrow’s holiday is actually something about the dead, as today is Halloween plus I know it’s appropriate for us to have a morning off tomorrow to honor the dead people we loved.

This month reminds me of my dad because he was buried many years ago today, plus also because he wrote a book called Words From the Graveyard.

My father mainly tested tepid water heaters plus heat pumps during the years when he was operating his Heating as well as Air Conditioning business. He was a poet some time ago, although he made the move to give up writing plus focus more on building residences plus real estate, along with his Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine contractor that he ran for 30 years. I honestly like to write about Heating as well as Air Conditioning machines plus where the industry is going to be in the next 25 years, because I find it absolutely amazing plus would eventually like to own my own Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor just like my dad did back then. I guess I could be a local business in this neighborhood plus make fantastic currency because there are not many Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine companies here, yet there are a lot of people with excellent climate control systems in their residences. Maybe I will open it in the frigid months plus just have it as a heating company plus see how it goes. If it works out then I can do some more tasks in the warm season with an air conditioner plus things similar to that. I would also like to get into some kind of refrigeration work as well.

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