The weather has been so weird

The weather is quite unusual right now! Recently, it was particularly cold, and now the temperature is all the way up in the mid 70s again! I know that weather like this is 1 of the biggest reasons that people tend to get sick around this time of the year! Our bodies just can’t understand the vast temperature swings which keep happening and I know that it really wreaks havoc on our immune systems occasionally.

I enjoy the autumn of the year and usually it’s our favorite time of the year.

I like it whenever the weather starts to cool down and I like when we start using the fireplace in the house… The brick fireplace always makes myself and others suppose hot and cozy and I know that it’s 1 of the nicest parts about the lake house where we live, however, now the temperatures are getting so hot again that I can’t even use the fireplace because it’s way too hot outside. It’s quite annoying because I was entirely super gleeful for it to entirely be fall again. Now, the temp is back up almost to 80 degrees and I’m not gleeful about it 1 bit. I have been waiting patiently for the weather to beginning cooling down and I thought that I had finally made it. Now we are heading back to where we have started, basically. It’s so irritating, just when I thought I was going to be able to switch the air conditioner off for the year, I ended up having to use it once more this weekend.



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