What to do if a Scary Insect is Flying all Around You?

If you’re like me, you’re afraid of all the creepy crawlies outside, along with all of the flying insects and bugs.

I grew up in a major city, where the two of us didn’t have a whole lot of trees and although bugs were in the city, the two of us didn’t see them as you would in a rural area.

So, I wasn’t used to being around bugs, in fact, I encountered a few bugs when I moved out of the city. I now live in a more rural area, where the two of us have tons of trees, and of course where there are trees and flowers you’ll find lots of pollinators. At first, it was difficult for me to function, as I had no clue what to do when a bee was flying around me. I would consistently dread the springtime because that was when the bees would find their way into my yard. Of course, not knowing any better, my response was to swat the bees away. One weekend, my neighbor Sherry saw me in my yard swatting at a bee. After the bee flew away, she walked over and told me that it was best to just walk in a straight line and not swat at them. According to Sherry, the bees viewed swatting at them as a threat, and once a bee feels threatened, they will more than likely sting as a means of defense. I am glad Sherry mentioned that to me because I had no idea that I was more at risk by swatting at the bee. Ever since then, I have stayed calm when a bee flies around me. This strategy seems to work better and the best part is, I have yet to be stung.


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