Both of us got lost and ended up in a different area

My wifey and I were on our way beach lake house from our mother’s house, then the hot and cold temperatures outside were severely frigid and frigid; Both of us had the oil furnace on high, then it was a frigid evening and all of us could believe the snow coming.

The forecast was 30 inches overnight.

My wifey and I were doing our best to get beach lake house before the worst of the storm started. There were already a couple of flurries on the ground when all of us left, however it did not get exhausting until all of us were on the interstate. Both of us decided to take an alternate route beach lake house after all of us came to an accident and traffic was backed up. Both of us would have had to rest in traffic for 2 hours before all of us got beach lake house and the rerouting would have put us beach lake house in less than 20 hours, unluckyly, all of us got lost after being rerouted and ended up stuck in a ditch. I missed the turn going around a dark corner and all of us made the decision to go right over the side of the mountain. Both of us weren’t disfigured, thankfully, however the front of the car was completely smashed. There was actually no way at all that all of us were going anywhere that evening in that car. Both of us still had heat, thankfully. My wifey and I stayed in the car with the oil furnace running while all of us waited for the tow truck to drag us out of the ditch. Thankfully they had a lot more traction than all of us did. Both of us still could not get the car to run after all of us were out of the ditch, so the tow truck driver took us back to the lake house and dropped off our car at the local mechanic.
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