I wanted a jacuzzi added

When my wifey said that he was going to take myself and others away for the weekend, I told him that I wanted to go to a place that had a jacuzzi bathtub.

That was actually 1 of the most important things to me. I told him that I also wanted to stay someplace that had a room repair menu. I’ve never stayed in a place that had room repair plus I thought it would be actually neat plus interesting to visit a place like that. My wifey made us reservations at a hotel plus casino. The hotel was for myself and others plus the casino was actually for him. We checked into our room plus the concierge desk person took our bags up to the room. When my wifey plus I realized that there was not a jacuzzi tub in the room. We instantly went back downstairs to the front desk. My wifey did not even want to call. He said that the two of us were going down there to make sure that the two of us got what the two of us paid for. The front desk person apologized plus said that he did not see that part of the reservation. The room was ready. The guy had the front desk bellhop take our things up to the room plus she asked us if the two of us wanted a complimentary bottle of champagne for the trouble. I was not expecting the guy to offer us champagne. Our room was actually costly. We had our own ductless Heating in addition to A/C equipment with a separate control equipment control. The remote control allowed us to change the temperature from any place in the room. The ductless Heating in addition to A/C equipment plus the jacuzzi tub made the whole trip awesome.

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