They moved nextdoor

I was so cheerful to find out that our local heating & air conditioner company was going to be moving right around the corner from me! They were relocating to a greater corporation building & the one that they chose was this building up for lease that is right around the corner. By having the heating & air conditioner company closer to myself and others this means that if I have a real heating & cooling emergency, I can call them & not even have to suppose about emergency heat & cooling system condo services. Because if I call for heating & air conditioner repair, as long as they are not backed up at all, they can get to myself and others within a matter of hours. This is legitimately going to be a good thing. Also the fact that they are right around the corner means that if I ever need to buy any kind of portable heating & air conditioner component I can go right over there & do so without having to have them bring it to me, everyone should be so lucky as to have their heating & air conditioner company right around the corner from them. I would have never imagined that such a thing would ever be possible. But luck had it that they picked that building right around the corner from me. I will be looking forward to this all going into effect in the next week or so. That is when they are planning to make the move & reopen up after a brief hiatus.

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