Why is Your AC Pushing Out Hot Air

There are numerous reasons why your AC may be blowing warm air. The temperature control is a wonderful place to start looking for the culprit. It sounds too easy. This is a regular reason why your cooling system might be doing the opposite of what it should; Low refrigerant can cause your cooling system to only blow warm air! Do not attempt to fix this yourself. Coolants, also known as refrigerants, can be very dangerous. To purchase in addition to handle this substance, you must be a licensed Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company. Your Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system’s air filters may seem unpressing, but they are essential, and heating in addition to Air Conditioning filters remove dust, dander, in addition to other airborne contaminants from the air reentering your apartment from the system, but over time, the debris that’s caught will clog up your air filters, when this happens, your cooling system will struggle to push air past the filter into the system. This strain can lessen air flow in addition to even cause your method to blow warm air instead of cool. Take a peek at your filters, in addition to if they’re dirty, replace them to see if it makes a difference in airflow in addition to temperature; Frozen evaporator coils can cause your method to blow warm air as well. Some things which can be preventing airflow to the evaporator coil include congested air ducts, a dirty coil, or low refrigerant. If you find your method frozen over, turn off your cooling system in addition to supply your local Heating in addition to Air Conditioning dealer a call instantly. Your company will be able to inspect the concern in addition to have your method officially thawed out.

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