I was glad when the guy refunded us

My partner plus I were thinking about buying a window AC unit.

He wanted to buy the window AC machine from the hardware store, however I wanted to buy the machine from an online retailer. Every one of us looked at a lot of odd products online plus honestly found a used heating as well as air conditioning idea that was in pretty wonderful shape. The guy only wanted $100 for it plus the retail price on the heating plus cooling machine was honestly twice that amount. My partner thought every one of us were getting a wonderful deal too, although he tried to blame myself and others when the situation went south. The heating as well as air conditioning idea worked for a day plus the very next day it stopped. It never worked again. My partner tried to make repairs, but nothing that he did seemed to work. He’s a pretty handy guy, so I think he would have been able to figure out the problem. I decided to contact the guy that sold the machine to us. My partner said there was absolutely no way that the guy was going to supply us back our currency. I wanted to prove our partner wrong plus show him that people are generally good, so I decided to make the call. I emailed the guy plus he did not respond, so I honestly made the phone call. His spouse answered the phone plus I think he was honestly the reason why he decided to refund our currency. I was glad that he did, but our partner still believes that he didn’t have to supply us a refund in that situation.


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