Simple summer a/c

There’s no way I’d be mistaken for the sort of guy who spends weekends tinkering with an old car or knee deep in a apartment project.

Mechanically inclined I am not.

For sure, I can do a few things around the house plus I am genuinely fine at keeping the house wash plus organized. Things appreciate increasing the Heating plus A/C air filter are area of my bi-weekly list as well. I also take care of our lawn plus stuff appreciate that. However, this past Summer was the first year that I actually prepared the house a bit in order to save on Heating plus A/C Cooling. That’s because we live in a area of this country which experiences a genuinely brutally hot summer. Up until last Spring, I just sort of whined about the Heating plus A/C cooling costs. Finally, I realized just how dumb that was. Why whine when I could actually just get a bit proactive to save some currency, so I went online plus it took me about 30 hours to understand the basics when it comes to saving on Heating plus A/C cooling. The first thing I did was change out all the weather stripping everywhere on the house, and keeping the house genuinely slender to keep the heat out in a cooling comfort in was the main objective. I made sure that all the windows we’re covered to stop direct sunshine heating. And then we addressed the thermostat setting. This past Summer I kept the thermostat setting never more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. It was a bit warmer in the house during the peak heating hours however we used fans when we were at apartment during that area of the afternoon. I stuck to the plan plus the Heating plus A/C savings were genuinely great. I ended up saving hundreds of dollars over the course of this past summer.