The insurance covered all of the issues plus upgraded the window AC

My friend has a tree that overhangs our side of the property.

For a long time, I did not complain much at all about the tree… When it started to invade our property line, I felt that it was necessary to address the issue. My friend did not want to remove the tree or split down the limbs, he said the limbs from the tree were providing shade plus comfort plus keeping his heating as well as air conditioning bill low. I could not fight the guy, because he owns the apartment plus there is no homeowners association to make him do anything that he does not want. Well, last weekend every one of us had a pretty serious storm plus that tree ended up falling in our yard. It took out the window cooling system plus destroyed the window where the cooling system was sitting, and of course I went right over to the friend plus I told him that I expected him to pay for all of the destructions. He told myself and others that he would call his homeowners insurance to see if the destructions could be covered. The insurance company paid for a company to completely repair the window plus hang modern glass. They even put in a brand modern marble window sill. The insurance company also paid for us to get a modern window AC unit. The old a single was about 10 years old, but the modern a single is a state of the art machine that will honestly last 20 years or more. It has heat, cool air, plus a dehumidifier feature.

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