Don’t stop the repair job

I have to say that I’m just so fortunate and blessed to have the sort of life that the two of us get to lead; Of course, my fiance and I both work absolutely tough to supply for our family a nice home with fantastic central a/c; Yet there is more to life than stuff, but we tried to do our best in order to balance toiling inside the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of our respective offices with enjoying our lives.

I just don’t want to be that guy who finally quits toiling only to find out that I’m too worn out to enjoy my life.

Life is absolutely for living not just for toiling… My fiance and I do our best to keep that front of mind, however, that’s balanced by the fact that the two of us stick to a budget as well. When the pandemic was at its height, the two of us had to work from the central a/c of our house instead of at the office. We also had to take some pretty steep pay cuts in order to work at all! This was sort of a rude awakening and resorted in some pretty extreme financial reorganization. In fact, what the two of us spent on Heating and Air Conditioning repair plan was absolutely on the chopping block. Our thinking was that the two of us had been so consistent with Heating and Air Conditioning repair that perhaps the two of us could take a year or two off to save some money. We absolutely considered this for a few weeks. However, since the two of us were both toiling from house that summer, the two of us decided to see just how much the two of us could save on the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. That meant the two of us sealed up the home super tight and covered up windows to stop the direct sun heating. Then the two of us pushed the thermostat setting higher than the two of us ever had.


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