I legitimately messed up now

I think I was told a million times to change the air filter of our central heating & air conditioner system at least once a week, however well, I totally ignored this fact for a while now, however and as a result our central heating & air conditioner system unit has broken down, it ended up overworking itself & the ductwork got mega clogged up.

I had to call the local heating & air conditioner company to send out some certified heating & air conditioner specialists to service our central heating & cooling system & then do a deep ductwork cleaning of our Heating & A/C unit; This cost myself and others a pretty penny! I was pretty disappointed in this & mad at myself for letting something adore this happen, but now at least I l received our lesson & moving forward I will be changing the air filter to our central heating & air conditioner system unit at least once a week so something adore this will never ever happen again.

I can not afford these kinds of heating & air conditioner condo repair repairs. And on top of the heating & air conditioner condo repair repairs, I also needed to get the heating & air conditioner system’s ductwork cleaned! That was pretty extravagant as well because it was what is called a deep ductwork cleaning; Not the same as a regular ductwork cleaning. Boy oh boy will I never ever let this happen again! It was a financial nightmare! Not to mention it was a major hit to our bank account as well. I still feel legitimately dumb in this happening.


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