Why i was feeling sorry

I was feeling pretty messed up lately, but feeling like I was getting the flu or something.

When I went to see the doc I found out that I was perfectly great otherwise and that I was having air quality concerns in our house.

This was why I wasn’t feeling well. It turned out that the solution was easy. I did not need any whole beach loft media air cleaner or anything like that. I did not even need to get a bunch of portable media air cleaners. No media air cleaners needed at all. The answer was to get better air filters for our central heating and cooling system unit! This was what was causing the bad air quality in our home. I went out to buy high quality air filters of the HEPA brand and started using those. This was the complete answer to everything. Within 48 hours of using them I could already tell that the air quality in our beach loft was improving. And within the first week the air quality was normal again and I was feeling better. If only I had known that getting better air filters for our central heating and cooling system was going to be the answer I would have done it a lot sooner… Getting unbelievable air filters for your central heating and cooling system and increasing them out once a week is certainly substantial to retain good air quality. I will be doing this much more from now on so this won’t happen again.


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