Betty is studying to be an HVAC tech

There are a total of six employees at this company. Working together with the same people all day, everyday breeds a high level of familiarity between us. After a couple of years we seemed less like a work crew and more like a family. For better or worse, because families tend to fight. We have actually had more than a few fist fights on work sites in the past, although never in front of clients. At least the boys have the good sense to box each other in private and not stand next to the HVAC work van under our logo. I wouldn’t put it past them, like most HVAC techs the guys can get pretty rowdy. Even Betty, who runs the office and drives the van sometimes, is a bit of a roughneck. The HVAC industry is traditionally male-oriented, and Betty has to be double-tough to make her way in this business. What the other guys don’t know is that even while she works full time she is taking night classes for her own HVAC certification. She confided in me that she didn’t want to be a secretary all her life, she wanted to make better money as a certified HVAC tech. I approved of her plan, and even helped pay for her first round of HVAC prep courses. In a few more months she will surprise her coworkers by showing up as a certified HVAC tech. I think Betty will have a long and prosperous career, because being the only female HVAC tech in the area will make her stand out.

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