I got better Heating and Air Conditioning with big life change

I will add my name to the long list of those folks who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

I know just how strenuous that can be.

There were plenty of folks who I knew that ended up having to sell their homes because they could no longer afford to pay for them. That’s not the case for me as I live in a small house with a mediocre residential Heating and Air Conditioning system. I was very ready for a new heating and cooling method it would have come with a change of address. Still, I didn’t have any income and had to scramble in order to make ends meet. But occasionally out of what seems like total chaos comes just what you need. I was free from the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning at the office. And I decided to go out on my own which is something I had wanted to do for such a long time. I was absolutely thinking about the freedom and liberation as I was walking out of the powerful commercial Heating and Air Conditioning at the office for the last time. I did get some severance pay as I have been there for nearly a decade. So I took that money and started my own consulting business. To keep the overhead costs down, I started it in that apartment. That’s been several years now and I am enthusiastic to report that I am a new homeowner these afternoons. That’s how fantastic the company has turned out to be. While I have gotten to hire several other people, we are still doing things remotely from the central A/C of our homes. It’s very nice to be able to be my own boss now. it’s almost as nice as having such a great residential Heating and Air Conditioning.

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