I invested in a new AC and furnace

No one ever liked coming over to my house during the spring or the summer, because I didn’t have air conditioning. This was a very old house, built decades ago during a time when nobody had AC in their home. It was part of the reason I was able to buy it for such a low price, because nobody else on the market wanted a house that had no climate control in it. I won’t say it was the easiest place to live, but it was a good house and I was happy here for a long time. Finally I am preparing to move, and so I decided it was time to finally install an air conditioner. My friends were curious as to why I waited so long, and why I was bothering with an HVAC system at all since I was moving. I had to explain to them that it was an investment. I wasn’t getting a central air conditioner so that I could enjoy it, I was getting one so that I could raise the asking price for the place! Let me break down the math, and it will all become clear. This house is not very big, so I was able to secure a brand new air conditioner and furnace for less than three thousand dollars total. To me 3 grand is a lot of money, but it was an investment. With the new heating and cooling system, I could now ask a whole lot more for the house. Even though I only spent 3 grand on the AC and furnace, those new features commanded over 20 thousand dollars on the back end. I spent 3 thousand to make 20 thousand
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