It was pretty easy to make summer HVAC savings a reality

There’s no way I’d be mistaken for the sort of guy who spends weekends tinkering with an old car or knee deep in a home project. Mechanically inclined I’m not. For sure, I can do a few things around the house and I’m really good at keeping the house clean and organized. Things like changing the HVAC air filter are part of my monthly list as well. I also take care of our lawn and stuff like that. However, this past summer was the first year that I actually prepared the house a bit in order to save on HVAC Cooling. That’s because we live in a part of this country which experiences a really brutally hot summer. Up until last spring, I just sort of whined about the HVAC cooling costs. Finally, I realized just how dumb that was. Why whine when I could actually just get a bit proactive to save some money. So I went online and it took me about 30 minutes to understand the basics when it comes to saving on HVAC cooling. The first thing I did was change out all the weather stripping everywhere on the house. Keeping the house really tight to keep the heat out in a cooling comfort in was the main objective. I made sure that all the windows we’re covered to stop direct sunlight heating. And then I addressed the thermostat setting. This past summer I kept the thermostat setting never more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. It was a bit warmer in the house during the peak heating hours but we used fans when we were at home during that part of the day. I stuck to the plan and the HVAC savings were really great. I ended up saving hundreds of dollars over the course of this past summer.

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