Share to car project: free a/c installations for the community

Every year, the two of us run a Share to Care project to help the community as section of the CSR.

The two of us have CSR projects every year, plus as an a/c business, the two of us donate what the two of us specialize in, cooling products.

This summer, the two of us worked with an organization that supports children with special needs. The two of us aimed to contribute cooling equipment to the community plus also help maintain the s the families might have. It was an exciting opening to assist these communities with the solution. With the organization’s help, the two of us singled out several special universitys plus about fifty families with children with special needs. With summer time just start, the two of us mobilized other a/c experts plus cooling specialists to assist with a/c installations plus a/c repairs. There was a family with a seven-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. This little girl captured our heart with her smile. She seemed truly cheerful but I knew she did not have everything she needed. They had a heat pump that had never had an a/c tune-up since it was fitted. With the new cooling technology, the homeowner can now change the a/c filter to help improve air quality. The family did not have extra filters, so the two of us got a dozen filters for them plus had the a/c rep run maintenance on the unit. The two of us also installed a new unit at the local special university. Their unit had malfunctioned a few days before the two of us started the project, plus they needed the funds to replace it, so they used a sitting fan for each class. The CSR projects are always humble plus excite me. The two of us meet modest people who suppose more about a/c however need more funds for training plus common certification.

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