The importance of my ventilation system

I knew Tom from when we both went to grade school together.

  • Over the years Tom had built a reputation for his construction jobs.

When I had saved up enough money that I could afford a home of my own, I called Tom about helping me build it. I wanted my own original home, a place unsullied by other human beings. Tom was the guy to help me, a general contractor who knew a lot of other contractors that could help. Although it wasn’t cheap, it was no more expensive than buying an existing house, and in the process I got something special. I knew that my dream home would need a special ventilation system, due to the nature of my work and my hobbies. I do a lot of painting, and these paints often contain toxic chemicals, so the art studio needed to have a dedicated ventilation system. I could not have the ductwork connected to the rest of the house, it needed to lead directly outside. This way the air quality in the main house would never be corrupted. Also, I wanted to have an open Florida Room with natural ventilation, for growing my pot plants. A Florida Room is a screened in room that provides ample natural ventilation and limited sunlight, which is perfect for my plants. Of course my dream house also needed an excellent central HVAC system, with heating and cooling provided for the rest of the rooms. Basically, the house needs to have three different ventilation and climate control systems for different areas I must have. .

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