Tenant wanted to know about A/C technology

At some point in life, I worked for a high-end heating and air conditioning business, my role was in the factory, where I helped manufacture parts for the most common brands in the industry, I worked there for almost many years before the business shut down due to unavoidable circumstances; When I lost our work, I got into alcohol and drugs.

I was in this abyss of darkness for many years, every year worse than the last. It took a near-death experience by one of our friends to realize how precious life was and that I had no right to live my life the way I was! After many months in rehab, I got a job as a doorman at a good building. I would chat with one of the tenants and tell him about our experiences as a heating and air conditioning business, but he was consistently interested in everything about heating and air conditioning systems, as he had worked in that industry for many years before he landed a corporate job. He consistently inquired about the new heating and air conditioning technology as he was interested in getting quality heating for his young family and learning more about heating. One time, he met me at the door entirely excitedly. He told me about the new heating and air conditioning device he had just bought for his home. Mike had also updated his control unit. I kept hoping to be a heating and air conditioning repairman offering heat pump service and oil furnace/heater repair because it was something I loved doing. Mike asked me to do all the heating and air conditioning service and update the oil furnace filter to gain extra money, and I took him up on the offer. It went on for a while. He referred me to his friends, and I installed an oil furnace at one of the homes. I then advised another to opt for a heat pump to help with indoor comfort. I am many years sober and back to our old profession.



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