No electricity equates to no central air conditioning

Big wind storm just came through & a heat wave is right around the corner.

Temperature will reach about 95 in the early afternoon & it is currently 78 degrees outside.

The storm unluckyly knocked down some trees a few blocks down the road & I lost all power. I’m used to the condo being nice & cool from the central air conditioning. I know I always run tepid as in I’m always perspiring & I take numerous chilly showers a afternoon. I cannot go out dancing ever or you would see a puddle of water at my feet & my clothes would be wet with disgusting amounts of sweat. I may go to my sister’s condo however she lives 35 minutes away. I help her out here & there with her creatures & I suppose she’s at toil for the next 4 hours so I know that is my plan; She only has an air conditioning in the residing room which is perfect cause I shall just watch TV or nap. Times appreciate these I entirely wish I bought a generator as a backup plan. What if my power does not come back on? What if it takes forever for my stadium to cool down? I don’t suppose but along with possibly buying a generator I may call the Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealer if possible future alternatives. To be honest I know appreciate I’m losing my mind. I just have to remember the tips I received from my counselor for when my anxiety kicks up, just breathe. I know I shall run to my sisters for a few hours.