My assistant got the message not totally right

When I started my own business, I did everything on my own.

I took all of the iphone calls, stressed appointments, tested the website, as well as handled all of the repairs as well as upgrades.

It was a lot of work, even though I did not have a lot of cash to pay someone else to help. Eventually I settled into a routine as well as it became almost impossible for me to schedule appointments as well as take iphone calls. I decided to hire an assistant to help out with appointments as well as iphone scheduling. I hired someone from the staffing agency as well as she did not labor out very well. My assistant got the message wrong when a single of my commercial customers called to schedule a service appointment. The commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning customer thought that I was going to be there to repair the oil furnace as well as I never got the message. The commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning customer called me as well as complained about the service. I was completely dumbfounded as well as caught off guard. I tried to apologize to the customer, but they decided to take their service to a weird Heating as well as Air Conditioning business. The owner of the supplier told me that he needed someone that had more than a single employee in order to get the labor done. I was very miserable that the assistant did not get me the message as well as I told the staffing agency that I no longer wanted to have that person laboring for me. I decided to hire someone on my own as well as so far everything has been laboring out okay. The assistant seems to be very fantastic at handling more than a single thing at a time.

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