Sleeping with the windows cracked for cool air

One of the things I think people back in the day used to do that not several people do more is to sleep with their windows open, then whether or not you should sleep with your windows open I suppose genuinely depends upon several factors, 1 being where you live and what is the crime rate in the area, and depending how comfortable you feel sleeping with windows open.

  • If I lived in a genuinely busy City that had a large population of people that I really wouldn’t sleep with the window open, just because however I think that our neighbors around here were typically great people and we are entirely friendly, you never think when the wrong kind of man might snoop around.

However, since I have moved down to a more rural section there genuinely aren’t any close neighbors around me, and I feel pretty comfortable sleeping with the windows open and fairly confident in our ability to protect myself so I’ve been sleeping with our windows open. I adore the cool breeze that brings in. I used to use a window air conditioning idea if I wanted to cool down in the middle of the evening however I find that I prefer having a window open more than I prefer using a window AC unit. Bringing in that natural fresh air or something I will never forget, and will continue to do really until the day I die! A window AC idea cannot compete with it.

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