The study room feels like an oil furnace

My Grandmother is consistently in the study room baking cookies, cakes or her making her famous meatloaf; She likes being in there & feels very much at home. She decorated the study room with her collection of salt & pepper shakers. She has hundreds of them on the shelf that completely wraps around the study room. Some of them are cool & some of them are very worth money but they are not mine to sell. I think if she ever leaves them to myself and others in her will I will look into it then. I don’t ever want to believe about that & hopefully she lives forever. I don’t spend much time in the study room with her because that room feels love a oil furnace. It is hot! She doesn’t even open the window or turn the fan on above the oven. It’s just her working in the heat. I consistently look at the digital control unit that is in the study room & it is at 75 degrees but the number says the home is 69 degrees. She is literally in there many to 7 hours a day doing whatever. If she isn’tcooking then she is drinking her Pepsi reading the paper or her book. The rest of the home feels love the air conditioning system is on compared to the study room. My Grandfather spends much of her time watching Nascar racing on her lazy girl & sleeping in it as well. I try to do puzzles with them but yeah Grandfather is sleeping, Grandmother says she will do them on the study room table even though I have no interest in laying in that study room for more than 15 minutes. She likes the heat evidently.

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