I love to repair up old oil heating systems

My dad was always in the garage trying to repair up something that was broken in the house.

He consistently had projects all over the site.

He had a large wooden work bench on the south side of the garage plus another large wooden workbench right next to it, but my dad was always resting at the workbench with the light on, even when there was no on the ground outside plus it was 20° inside of the garage, however eventually, our Dad decided to install a radiant gas furnace plus I became really interested in oil heating systems at that time. The radiant gas furnace was a really neat machine. I fixed it when it stopped laboring. I always remember the first gas furnace that our dad bought for the garage plus how hot it made the site. I wanted to hang out with him even when it was snowing outside! As an adult, I took up the same activity as our dad. I love to repair up old oil heating systems plus AC units. There is an area in the garage next to our condo where I have a workstation set up. I have lots of odd parts for old oil heating systems plus AC units. I also have a supplier on speed dial that has any area that you might need. They can find the most obscure piece for an old gas furnace that is 50 years old. I often repair up these oil heating systems plus AC units plus then I sell them online or at the swap meet. I do not make a ton of money, but it’s absolutely a fun activity that pays off.


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