She refused to show myself and others her Heating & A/C ID card.

The first thing my wife told myself and others to do was to check for the Heating & A/C professional’s ID card.

This was the first time my wife left myself and others alone since my stroke, and she wanted to make sure I didn’t let any strangers in the house.

She had to go to neighborhood for some groceries and said she would be back in an second; Unluckyly, with the numerous seconds window they give you at the Heating & A/C corporation, the Heating & A/C professional could already be there when she got home. She wanted to be there before the Heating & A/C professional arrived so she could tell him what was wrong with the gas furnace. She wrote it on a piece of paper, although she knew how aggravated I got when I couldn’t answer questions. She didn’t want myself and others crying because the Heating & A/C professional didn’t understand me. The only complication I had was when the Heating & A/C professional arrived, she refused to show myself and others her ID. I told him I couldn’t allow him in the apartment if she didn’t have her Heating & A/C ID card on him. She told myself and others the uniform and service van should be enough, but my wife said I was not to let him in separate from her Heating & A/C service ID being shown to me. I was so relieved when my wife arrived. She knew the Heating & A/C professional and apologized for myself and others not letting him in. she then told him about the stroke. I didn’t remember I knew the Heating & A/C professional, and she didn’t guess I had a stroke. She apologized for being rude, although she had forgotten her ID badge at home.


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