Dreaming about central air

Today the department air conditioning broke so HVAC service was here.

As I sit in front of my colleague, we talk about money making ideas and sometimes it goes off the walls.

For example I think it would be excellent just to mess around at a laser tag place with friends without working up a sweat. Basically anytime I work up a sweat I wish I had some sort of robot much like R2D2 following me around. Instead of all the noise it made it would shell out air conditioning. I’ll go for a run and here is this robot behind me keeping me cool. Yeah I know it sounds weird but think about it. You are dancing in the club with the ladies and instead of working up a sweat you had your little homie robot acting as your wingman. We are talking about making easy green here. I know what you are thinking, you are all thinking of 1 of 2 things, is this guy crazy or what about C3PO. If you want C3PO following you around acting all annoying then you might be the crazy one. Some of you all might be wondering about when I get home. That’s easy R2D2 rolls up on his charger while I sit in my central air conditioned home. Maybe C3PO could be there acting as R2D2’s cooling technician. I can tell you when I’m home I’m not working up a sweat but if I was I’d expect R2D2 to look out for me. He or she because I’m not really certain what the robot would like to be classified as would be the best friend anyone could have.


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