Feeling that restaurant air conditioning

His parents both went to culinary school as well so food is kind of in his genes

Today is day night with my wife. We haven’t gone out for dinner in probably 4 months now. It feels like forever but with the holidays and winter finally over we don’t get out often. I can’t say winter is cold because it really isn’t. As soon as spring hits the temperature rises quickly. It’s definitely not comfortable unless you have central air conditioning. I always have to make sure that I get an HVAC technician to come out at the end of the winter because spring still feels warm to my wife and I. To be honest when it’s 45 degrees outside I still think about turning the air conditioning on. We are set though for the season unless something breaks but hopefully not. We are feeling Italian today and we are going to our favorite restaurant which happens to be the restaurant my buddy owns. The good thing about having friends in the food industry is there is a good chance you’ll get a discount or free meal. I haven’t seen him in a few months. He usually goes to his other house during the winter. He’s a good guy who takes care of us for sure. Met him in highschool but after highschool he went to culinary school to perfect his craft. His parents both went to culinary school as well so food is kind of in his genes. The only thing is I don’t want to have a major conversation with him tonight because I just want to focus on my wife and make her feel special. As we walk into the restaurant I feel the beautiful breeze of the air conditioning. It’s going to be a pleasant dinner!


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