The Heating and A/C professional just walked into my house

I knew the Heating & A/C professional was laboring on my gas furnace, but I didn’t guess she walked out to the service van to get some parts.

She should have told myself and others she was going out, or there wouldn’t have been a stand-off.

There had been some break-ins in our neighborhood, and one of my friends was beaten quite badly. These people were targeting elderly people, and it was getting close to our home. My wife taught myself and others how to use the gun and told myself and others that if anyone walked into the apartment unannounced, I should use the gun, look to see if you guess the person, and if not, you shoot first and ask questions later. I sat in the kitchen doing some paperwork when the Heating & A/C professional came into the house. I picked up the gun, knowing it wasn’t loaded, but hoping it would make them walk back out. When I went into the room, and she stood there staring at the gun. I put it down and apologized, although she stood there looking at me. She asked if I was going to shoot him, but I laughed. I told him about the break-ins and told him she should have let myself and others guess she was going out for Heating & A/C parts. It was her fault I had the gun in my hand, because I should have known she was going out, although she was the one apologizing. I asked the Heating & A/C professional to please let myself and others guess the next time she had to go out of the apartment for Heating & A/C parts.


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