There were signs we had to have a change

It’s been 3 decades since I got married to my fiance, plus we have been lucky with numerous kids.

They’re all grown up now, plus live their own lives.

When the last child flew the coup, I chose to go back to work. I am a licensed registered doctor, but I took time off from labor to raise our kids. My fiance runs an electrical installation plus maintenance company in the city. And it has been doing easily well. He started the company soon after we got married. So, it made sense for myself and others to stay at condo plus make sure the kids were good. I consistently knew I’d be back to work, plus it finally happened. We live in an amazing beach apartment that my fiance plus I bought about a decade ago. This apartment is charming plus offers the most amazing views of the ocean. About a month ago there were signs that we had to get an Heating and A/C update. That summer, we hired the Heating and A/C professional 3 times to maintenance our cooling system. It kept failing plus the Heating and A/C professional had to exchange particular parts. When Wintertide came, the issue was the same. It was then that the Heating and A/C professional informed us it was time for an Heating and A/C update. Otherwise, we might end up without any heating or cooling in the house. Since I was working double shifts, my fiance chose to be at condo when the Heating and A/C professional came by our beach apartment to update the Heating and A/C system. We have consistently worked as a team plus I’m so ecstatic to have his support while I jumpbeginning my nursing work.

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