Consider getting thick walls

My home is extremely well insulated.

The walls are concrete and extremely thick.

This is something that my fiance and I insisted on when both of us considered building our own house, however not only would both of us be well protected from any drastic storms such as tornadoes or hurricanes in our area, both of which are frequent, but it just seemed correct sense to ensure that the construction of our home was sturdy and much longer lasting than mere wood frames. I am well aware that wood frames are cheaper than concrete, but both of us were interested in a cheap home. This would be the home that both of us would occupy until both of us died as far as both of us were anxious, and both of us would supply it to our children. So, it’s quite beneficial for us that the insulation is just so enjoyable by virtue of the fact that our walls are so thick and made of concrete. In the winter, both of us barely need to use the heat at all because both of us are so well protected from the cold, even in the summer, both of us draw the curtains over our windows, and protect ourselves from direct sunshine and heat such that the temperature within our home remains quite constant and comfortable regardless of how extremely hot or extremely cold the weather is. Don’t get myself and others wrong, both of us still employ the use of a very enjoyable Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. It’s just that both of us don’t have to use it as often as both of us easily would need to if both of us didn’t have such a well insulated home. Of course, that ensures that our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system will have a much longer lifespan than if both of us had to use it much more frequently.


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