I loved the HVAC technician’s booties.

I called the HVAC company to have the ductwork cleaned.

After calling, I regretted not asking if there would be a mess. I had recently had off-white carpeting installed, and I didn’t want the dust and debris scattered all over my new carpeting. I called the store to see if they had something I could put down while the ductwork was being cleaned? They told me they could send a roll of paper and once the HVAC technicians were done with the ductwork, I could roll the paper up and have the dirt inside. I didn’t like that idea. There would be a lot of dirt and debris sliding out of the end. I was hoping for some other way to keep my carpets cleaned. I thought I could put some down, like a path for the HVAC technician to walk on, but that would seem rude. I finally called the HVAC company and asked how much mess I would have with the ductwork cleaning. The woman I was talking to said there should be no mess. The HVAC technicians would be in special uniforms and the equipment wouldn’t make a mess. Any mess left from the cleaning would be taken care of by the HVAC technician. When the HVAC technicians arrived, they had these cute booties on that went over their shoes. They had on gloves that would keep fingerprints off anything they touched. I appreciated all the extra things they did to keep my house clean. When they were done, my home looked like no one had been in it. There wasn’t even an impression on the carpeting where the HVAC technicians had stepped.



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