Ready to move to a small town

After living in the big city for most of my life I was more than ready to move to a small town.

Everybody’s different, some people love the fast-paced life and all the things the city has to offer, other people prefer a more slowed down quiet way of living. It’s funny, because I feel like most people fall into one category or the other whereas for myself when I was younger I used to love her everything about the city and could never imagine wanting to live in a more rural area however as I got older I got tired of all the people, the noise, and all the inconveniences that came with City living, even if there was a lot of perks in the city as well. No matter where you live, there’s pros and cons to living in the country or in the city. I decided that I was wanting a more quiet kind of life now, and so I was going to move to a more rural area. I found the perfect little town too, this really cute little quiet town that wasn’t too far away from everything, but was also far away enough to be peaceful like I wanted. I moved way out on the outskirts of town almost out into the country but not quite. One of the things I didn’t miss about living in the city was that I had multiple choices about my heating and AC companies, here there’s only one heating and AC business in town and while they’re great, they’re very friendly with excellent prices and wonderful service, they don’t always have all the heating and AC products that I need in stock so sometimes I’ll still have to go to the city to get the heating and AC products that I want and need. But apart from that, Life out here has been perfect so far.


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