The HVAC tech wasn’t as knowledgeable as he thought.

I called the HVAC company because of something wrong with the furnace.

I couldn’t pinpoint what I was hearing or smelling, but whenever the furnace turned on, it was there. Shortly after the furnace started spewing out heat, the noise and the smell would disappear. I tried to tell the person who had answered the phone what I heard and smell, but it was something you had to experience in person. She told me she would send an HVAC technician to the house, but it would take a few days. I was okay with waiting, since this had been happening for several days. The noise and odor weren’t affecting the way the furnace heated the house, so I felt comfortable waiting a while. When the HVAC technician finally arrived, he asked what I was ‘experiencing’. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he said he could figure it out. There wasn’t a furnace puzzle he couldn’t solve. I was hoping he was right, but he hadn’t yet ‘experienced’ it. After half an hour of listening to the furnace and smelling the odor, he still didn’t know what was wrong with it. I supposed the HVAC technician wasn’t as knowledgeable as he thought, but that didn’t stop him. He took the air vent covers off the air vents to see if there was something inside that would cause the noise, or if a foreign body wasn’t causing the odor. After another hour, he said he was stumped and called the HVAC for the opinion of another HVAC technician he worked with.

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