The pool heater wasn't on when we arrived

My wife and I took our kids for a seven day vacation at Disney World and we rented a house for the time that we were there.

  • It was just as much money to rent a house as it was going to cost for a hotel, so we thought it was better to get a house and drive a little bit further everyday to get to the resorts.

We rented a house that had three bedrooms and a huge Loft area with a game room for the kids. Outside in the backyard there was a heated pool. The kids were really excited to jump into the heated pool when we arrived. The owner of the house told me that the pool would be on and the heat would be set to 98°. The pool heater wasn’t on when we arrived and the temperature of the water was probably 65°. I immediately called the owner of the house to complain. The guy sent someone over to the property to turn on the heater, but it took 3 days for the pool to get to the right temperature. I complained to the owner of the house, because the in-ground heated pool was one of the reasons why we chose that place. He gave me a $300 refund on the cost for the vacation rental. I was still upset about the pool heater, but at least the $300 refund was a nice gesture on the part of the homeowner. We didn’t get what we expected and I’m sure he wanted a good review.
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