Carbon monoxide detectors are extremely important!

It can get extremely cold in the region of the country in which I live. Just this past week, there was a blizzard that swept through my town. It knocked out power in 3/4 of the city for a few hours one evening, during which time we needed our heat more than ever! To say nothing of the old and deteriorating power grid that we are dealing with in this area, we as citizens of this particular area really need to take personal responsibility when it comes to extremely cold weather. We’ve learned this over the past few years during which these blizzards have become more frequent. I myself employ the use of a generator whenever we end up losing power. I’ve also opened my home to anybody in my neighborhood that does not have the benefit of a generator during a blackout during extremely cold weather. I have a large and accommodating home, and my two kids have long moved out, so it’s just me and my wife. However, though we do have safety measures in place to ensure that we remain warm during the worst that winter weather has to offer, there is one thing that we have absolutely made sure of when it comes to heating devices within our home. We have a sufficient amount of fully functional carbon monoxide alarms and detectors in our home. Whether it’s our gas furnace itself, or the space heaters that we use, making sure that we have carbon monoxide detectors is crucial to our very survival! Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can easily escape detection, so detectors are absolutely imperative when you are using devices that have the potential of emitting carbon monoxide.


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