It was awesome hearing about the needy family winning the new furnace

If you’re anything at all like me, you appreciate feel-good stories in the news.

While the news is filled with all kinds of negative stories, it’s fantastic to see that they do report on positive stories at various times.

Recently, I was watching the news and heard a story about a local Heating and A/C machine provider that gave away a free gas furnace to a family that was entirely in need. The family had been going through a series of awful events and the gas furnace in their beach residence was part of the unfortunate events. It broke down and the family had no cash to purchase a new one. And with prices of a new gas furnace ranging between $4,500 and $9,500, it’s honestly understandable that they wouldn’t have that cash just laying around. Luckily, a family member heard about the Heating and A/C machine provider giving a needy family a free gas furnace and proceeded to submit their name and story for a chance to get the gas furnace. It was stunning when the family won and the gas furnace came at the perfect time because they were able to get it installed just before or the colder weather came around. Giving away free furnaces to families in need is an excellent marketing strategy for Heating and A/C machine providers. It brings attention to the company and the publicity will create more clients for them. Of course, the families benefit as well because numerous of them who win these furnaces would not have been able to afford any heating machine at all. So, this giveaway is a win for both the family plus for the Heating and A/C machine provider.

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