The optimum thermostat setting for the Winter is 68 degrees

Every year, millions of people travel during the holidays.

Personally, I am always away from my home during the holiday as well, as I normally head up North to celebrate.

I live in the Southern part of the country, and I am yet to get used to seeing Christmas lights on the palm trees. Don’t get me wrong, they always look pretty but for some odd reason, seeing them never sat well with me. It’s especially jarring when it’s 80 degrees outside and there are Christmas lights on the trees. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the North and the holidays are supposed to be cold, not 80 degrees outside. Anyway, when I travel, I always have to decide how to set my thermostat when I am gone. The recommendation for the optimum thermostat setting in the Winter is 68 degrees when I am home, but I never know how to set my thermostat when I am away. So, I improvised and lowered the temperature on my thermostat to 65 degrees. I am not sure if my HVAC system cycled on during the days I was away. If I had a programmable or a Smart thermostat this would be much easier to control. But since I have not gotten one of those thermostats, I have to set mine the old-fashioned way. Eventually, I will invest in a Smart thermostat because it would help to better regulate the temperature in my home. Not to mention that it would also save money and I won’t ever have to worry about how to set my thermostat when I leave for a trip.


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