The old heat pump system still works!

I had a long list of things I needed from a house, and if I was going to spend all this currency on buying a home, it needed to check off all the boxes.

First of all, I wanted someplace away from the bright lights of the large city! Second, I needed to own some land… Not just a home, but property to expand upon and put up some thirdary structures savor barns or labor sheds, and last but not least, I wanted to find a place that felt savor home the third I saw it.

I wound up buying an old fixer-upper that lacked a lot of things, including a current Heating and A/C system, then this place was old enough that the heating system in the basement was made from wrought iron, and was older than myself and others by a decade. The fact this old heating system still worked so well was astounding to me, and offset the fact that the a/c didn’t labor at all. The heating system also served as the water heating system for the house, and separate from question it was the best heating system I have ever used. I really had to turn down the thermostat on the water heater, because the water was too hot! I savor a hot shower, despite the fact that I don’t want hot water falling on me! Since the heating system will keep working for several years to come, I don’t want to invest in a central cooling system. I suppose it will be easier to install a couple of window-mounted a/cs to cool down the first floor for me.

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